Sunday, 1 March 2009


Vista was redesigned around the idea that a more modular aesthetic and structure would allow the reader to get to the necessary information with minimum fuss. We also felt that the redesign should further help the reader navigate through the content and help them identify, quickly, the content that most interests them – whether it be inspirational type articles or product. This was an important division inside too. While we wanted to achieve a more magazine-like publication it was still very much a selling-tool for the company. The articles and product pieces are based on the same grid but they have a different look-and-feel on the page they are separated by a double page spread picture, introduction and an outsized chevron indicates that a change in pace/content is coming. Vista also works alongside 'The Guides' – destination brochures - and were designed alongside each other. See 'The Guides' case study. Design & Art Direction: Alex Cameron and Pieter Stander

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